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Thought-Provoking Fiction

Living with Grace coverThe articles enclosed in this, my personal anthology, were written over a period of some twenty years, and for different publications and purposes. You’ll encounter overlaps in content as I revisit favourite themes and perspectives; writing about the issues I am grappling with or endeavouring to master is how I clarify them for myself.

The articles are roughly in chronological order. I hope you’ll find it interesting to follow my various thoughts and beliefs as I share the challenges I’ve engaged with and insights I’ve gained in the areas of relationship, birth and parenting, home education, mastery, conscious creation, life purpose, bullying and abuse, writing, marketing, running a business, and self-publishing. I don’t today agree with everything I wrote years ago :-)

I didn’t call this book ‘Living With Grace’ to blow my own trumpet but because of what the word/name ‘Grace’ stands for to me. It’s not actually my natural name, either maiden or married. I changed my surname by deed poll when I was twenty-one in the wake of a couple of ‘disastrous’ relationship experiences that made me realise I was desperately trying to be ‘Mrs Somebody’. Taking on this new surname was a symbolic way of ‘marrying (committing to) myself’. The word ‘grace’ represented qualities I was aspiring to, both physically (I felt very clumsy) and spiritually (I felt inadequate), and the values it signals whenever I use that name still feel alive and relevant for me.

I hope you find the read enriching and the reminders valuable.

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