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Thought-Provoking Fiction

- a short play for primary students


What happens when new employee, the bumbling Miss Takes, arrives on the scene of Mr Fizz’s Wash House? The ‘wash house blues’, of course!

This pacey, comical play explores the idea that it’s okay to make mistakes – mis-takes are a part of life’s learning process – and, no matter how bad things look, ‘there is always a way [to resolve problems] if you care'. (In fact, sometimes our mis-takes are blessings in disguise.)


The play was written for a flexible cast number and a range of skills/confidence, so there are non-speaking parts and parts with only a line or so alongside the main roles. (There is even opportunity for younger siblings of the actors to participate.)

Main characters include the self-important, well-intentioned owner of the WashHouse, Mr Fizz; his matronly, efficient assistant, Mrs Able; his very hip, creative daughter Laundrette; and, of course, the consistently unsuccessful Miss Takes.

The Chorus, a conservative voice that judges and comments on the action, has been divided into two speaking groups but could remain as one group. The Chorus alone could consist of anywhere between four and twenty-four children, thus offering very flexible cast sizes and even last minute changes.


‘The Wash House Blues’ runs for approximately 20 minutes. Props are quite simple and within the realm of the children’s own craft skills or the school’s or families’ resources.

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