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Thought-Provoking Fiction

Short Stories for Kids

by Liliane Grace

It is Tara's first night in her own bed. She shares the bedroom with her sister Amy.

She lies in bed with her eyes and ears wide open.

Mummy has kissed her goodnight and tucked her in tight. But, after her cot the bed seems very big and empty. She moves her leg, just a little bit... then more. Her foot doesn't kick the bars. There are no bars. This is a Real Bed. A Big Girl’s Bed.

Tara lies very still and looks and listens.

She sees dark shadows – a bear, a witch, a monster! Do they see her? She doesn't dare to breathe.

By Liliane Grace

Sam wanted a knight suit. He wanted one desperately. His best friend Keith had a knight suit. Liam had two. Even Jodie had one. And everyone knows that girls can’t be knights.

When he had asked Mum about it, she had mumbled “There isn’t any spare money for a knight suit right now.” (There were six pins in her mouth – she was busy sewing a mermaid costume for his sister Suzy’s ballet concert.) “We could make one,” she suggested, taking the pins out of her mouth. “I’ve got lots of this silver fabric left over and you could make a helmet by wrapping some foil around your bike helmet...”

But Sam wanted a real knight suit. He wanted gleaming chain mail. He wanted a visor that would go up and down. And he wanted a steely sword with its own scabbard. Not another plastic one. Not even another home-made wooden one. He wanted a real one.