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TMC Cover…shows 9-90 year olds how to achieve their goals and dreams.

Five twelve-year-olds form a club to support each other in achieving their goals and dreams.  This personal development novel is packed with practical tools and information about goal-setting, constructive thinking, how the mind works, and character values like persistence, courage and a good attitude.

The Mastery Club® is an excellent resource for teachers and parents wanting to inspire and motivate their students and children to believe in themselves and take responsibility for achieving their goals. The story characters deal with real life issues that today's youth are facing, such as bullying and friendship issues, sole parents, step-parents and divorce, and academic challenges.

Students will absorb 10 priceless lessons while engrossed in a page-turning story. This means effortless learning! They might even be inspired to form their own Mastery Club, or you can arrange for them to experience the 10-Lessons Program I've developed, either in a group or via personal coaching.

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Click this link to read my message to teachers and parents, and this one to read what students, parents and teachers are saying about this best-selling book. You can also download my Teachers Notes PDF and/or my Resource Document for Schools PDF.

Give your kids empowering ideas about unlimited thinking, goal-setting, affirmations, visualisation, treasure maps and more in the form of a novel - and read it yourself!

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Available as a paperback book, PDF ebook, an audio book in either USB thumb drive or downloadable formats. Also available from Amazon for Kindle readers, Apple iBooks Store for iPad, and various other ebook vendors.

"I only wish [The Mastery Club] had been on the reading list at my school; it would have changed my whole outlook and saved me from making some major mis-steps in life... I applaud you on your ability to get the message across to children in such a relevant and engaging way." - Denise Whitton, mother

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